Tips To Make Your Animation Character Realistic In The Video

Making your characters realistic in animation is the real deal to make the animation look amazing. One of the best software to make a professional looking animation is CreateStudio. This is an upcoming software that will have all the modern and advanced features that you can use in your animation videos. It also has pre-built graphs and various effects to add in different scenes. You can go through the CreateStudio review to learn more about this software. You can easily make 2D as well as 3D animation with this platform.

How to make your animation character better?

  • – many beginners pay much attention to the smaller areas and ignore the rest of the scenes as they are already frustrated in the time taking process. You should always focus on the basic designing first and then go for layering. After adding layers, you can give various details to different scenes. This way you will focus more on a wider area as compared to one smaller part. Thus, focus on the key poses first and create a base with the advanced CreateStudio software.
  • – closely observe the human movement and look for the details in each movement. Try to corporate the eye leading concept in your animation characters. This means make the eye movement first and then make them turn towards the object. This will give you a natural movement look in the video. Try to learn the skill of hand movement for the character as it is the most difficult part of the animation.
  • – study and watch various animation videos to learn the concept of gravity effect. This will make your animation video more realistic and professional. Apply the gravity effect to your character according to the physical personality. The tall and muscular character will have a heavy footfall.

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